Uncommon Word Endings for Scrabble

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uncommon word endingsHave you ever drawn your seven tiles from the bag, only to find yourself staring blankly at something like this: O L G N A D O?

Think those three vowels are too many to score a bingo? Fortunately, this is not true.

In fact, you could easily score those 50 bonus points by playing the word “gondola,” which happens to be a type of boat used to navigate the canals in the Italian city of Venice.

If your rack instead looks like this: M A S T A N I, you may also think you have a bad case of vowel overdose.

However, there exists one single word that can score you a bingo using those exact letters. Have you figured it out yet? The word is STAMINA.

For this post, I figured I’d share a list of uncommon word endings, mainly those which end in odd vowels such as A, I, O, and U. These should come in handy the next time you are convinced you can’t do shit with your vowel-heavy rack of tiles.

I did my best to include words that are likely to occur in Scrabble games and which do not exceed seven letters (with a few exceptions).

Words That End in A

  1. Diva – a female singer
  2. Puma – similar to a mountain lion or cougar
  3. Aorta – largest human artery
  4. Villa – Italian house or dwelling, I believe
  5. Extra – more than is necessary
  6. Plaza – a shopping center
  7. Scuba – an aqualung
  8. Opera – Italian form of singing
  9. Mantra – synonymous with the word motto or axiom
  10. Tiara – a decorative crown worn atop the head
  11. Larva – insect infancy
  12. Labia – female anatomy
  13. Koala – a cute little type of bear
  14. Stigma – something taboo
  15. Hyena – an animal found in Africa
  16. Tuna – a type of fish
  17. Toga – article of clothing
  18. Sauna – hot, steamy room often found at pools or gyms
  19. Dogma – a philosophy or set of beliefs often associated with religions
  20. Drama – lots of emotional nonsense

Bingos Ending in A

  1. Algebra – a mostly useless form of math that I hated in High School
  2. Bohemia – Western region of the Czech Republic
  3. Formula – more mathematical crap
  4. Granola – a snack for health nuts
  5. Bologna – a type of lunch meat
  6. Mascara – a cosmetic product applied to eye lashes
  7. Vanilla – a flavor of many things

 Words That End in O

  1. Psycho – crazy or mentally unbalanced
  2. Bimbo – a dumb, ditzy chick
  3. Bronco – a horse, I believe
  4. Casino – a place where people go to gamble
  5. Disco – a type of dancing and style of music
  6. Albino – a mammal that doesn’t produce melanin, I’m pretty sure
  7. Bistro – a little restaurant
  8. Honcho – the boss
  9. Mango – a type of fruit
  10. Kimono – a type of Japanese robe
  11. Gumbo – a stew or soup of some kind
  12. Fiasco – syonymous with disaster or catastrophe
  13. Lasso – a looped rope used to catch livestock
  14. Libido – sex drive
  15. Gazebo – a leisurely little overlook with a roof, often found in parks
  16. Piano – a musical instrument
  17. Rodeo – cowboy show or competition
  18. Radio – what you use to listen to music (other than an iPod)
  19. Taboo – forbidden, naughty, unaccepted
  20. Tuxedo – formal type of suit for men

Bingos Ending in O

  1. Memento – another word for souvenir or keepsake
  2. Mulatto – a person with one parent of African descent and the other Caucasian
  3. Volcano – a type of mountain containing lava which is typically volatile
  4. Shampoo – a personal hygeine product used to wash hair
  5. Tornado – a type of storm similar to a cyclone or twister
  6. Torpedo – a type of underwater missile
  7. Vertigo – a spell of dizziness often associated with a fear of heights

Words That End in U

  1. Menu – a list of items you can order in a restaurant
  2. Tutu – a dancing garment worn by ballerinas
  3. Lieu – word that means “rather than” or “instead of”
  4. Guru – an expert on something or someone who has mastered a particular skill
  5. Tofu – a food often used as a meat replacement among vegetarians
  6. Fondu – a type of cheese that bread is dipped in
  7. Milieu – your surroundings or environment
  8. Bureau – an office, organization or a chest of drawers

Bingos Ending in U

  1. Plateau – a high placed span of level ground
  2. Bandeau – a type of strap common in women’s clothing and accessories
  3. Tableau – a type of historical painting
  4. Caribou – type of animal similar to reindeer
  5. Chateau – a French castle or fortress

Words That End in I

  1. Alumni – a graduate or former student
  2. Chili – a type of pepper used in cooking
  3. Kiwi – a green type of fruit
  4. Nuclei – the plural form of “nucleus” which is the center of a cell
  5. Koi – a type of fish which I believe is Japanese
  6. Bikini -a two piece bathing suit style
  7. Radii – plural form of radius, another gay math term

Bingos Ending in I

  1. Martini – an alcoholic beverage
  2. Origami – a Japenese form of art in which paper is folded to resemble other things
  3. Ravioli – a type of pasta which contains a filling of some sort
  4. Samurai – a type of Japanese warrior
  5. Stimuli – plural form of the word “stimulus”

So obviously this list only scratches the surface of uncommon word endings that end in these vowels. To find more, I recommend using MoreWords.com.

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